All of our models are cast in pewter. New pewter is simply a cleaned and brushed shiny finish. New gold, new copper, or new bronze are metallic coatings professionally applied to the new pewter. All three are shiny and not antiqued.

Antiquing is the addition of black or brown stain applied to a new finish to create the appearance of shadowing or age.

Finish coat is a clear lacquer that is over sprayed to protect the base color from oxidation and handling marks.

Highlights are added to accentuate lighter or prominent details. Any building may be finished in any of our previously offered colors.

By selecting any or all of the four pulldown menus all color choices are available. Note: Some buildings do not have choices or the full set of pulldowns.

If you like the pictured building's color and finish, simply leave the four option boxes as is.


Select a base metal color to view possible options.